A Day in the life of….

This morning’s swim practice was the most intense I can remember doing ever. We swam 5200 meters and although it’s almost 12 hours later I am still feeling it. Afterwards I got my hair cut and then spent 4 hours at the pool where I work taking a first aid and CPR recertification. I tried to watch a movie for school but haven’t been able to make it through it without falling asleep, meanwhile Anna-Maria has been great cleaning up the house and even making supper for me tonight. She was feeling a little neglected given that I was so tired and cranky so I gave her a bit of a massage on her sore back and suggested she take a nice hot bath and hit the hay early. It all seems to have cheered her up significantly. Tomorrow I have another 4 hours at work – this time for a kind of lifeguard refresher course. I’m seriously not impressed with how many of these we’ve had lately.

I have a picture to draw for Monday and a couple of tests on Tuesday. At least I will have a break from swimming tomorrow. I hope my body recovers enough to be back at it on Monday morning.

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Hey Jeff, how goes it, I'm just a guy from Medicine Hat who has read your website to an almost thorough rate. I was first brought in by the stairway to heaven backwards initially but now i've discovered you are a consious human being, so ya I take it your in a chemistry class or something… please email me, i find your subjects intruiging… Also I viewed the picture of you and your girlfriend although the rest of you picture are broken, but interesting indeed… Well good day.

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