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I’ve been getting hate mail from a certain Mychal Homsley (either he doesn’t know how to spell his own name or his parents are great practical jokers). For those of you that don’t know, when he asks what I have against “Led Zeplyain” (sic) he is referring to my Stairway to Heaven Backwards page. Anyway I was telling some friends about these hate emails and they wanted to read them, so here they are:

Email #1 Subject: (no subject)

“Yo i just want to know what the HELL you have aginst Led Zeplyain, It’s pretty obvisis that ypu can’t stand a classic Rock N’ Roll band so you know give me the word on WHY you seem to hate them”

Email #2 Subject: Why do you Hate Zepplian

“Yo I want to know why you hate Zepplain so much…. It’s because of people like you This band has a bad repurtaion so take you’r damn FAKE song off you’r site if there is a problem with that E-Mail me back…………. But there should be no Problem right….”

Email #3 Subject: REPLY BACK

“You need to get a DAMN life. If you have nothing better to do then sit there and post lies among lies then that should tell you that you need to get a life or sometimg… I play for a band and i resent what you said Take it back or E-Mail me you DAMN PUSSY…”

Email #4 Subject: (no subject)

“Hey listen up i sent you about 4 diffrent E-Mails and i need to know why, why do you hate Rock are you going to bring up the inncident with ozzy and John Mcollen”

Email #5 Subject: (no subject)

“Replay back and i’ll stop E-Mailing you, or i can just make your life a living HELL you’r pick”

What Mychal Homsley fails to realize is that #1 I don’t hate “Led Zeplyain” (sic) or Rock ‘n Roll. He would know that if he would have bothered to read the text below on the site. #2 With all the homework that I have due in the next couple weeks my life is already a “living HELL” and that is why I haven’t had time to reply to his obviously well thought-out attack mail. Also #3 I have no idea what the incident with “Ozzy and John Mcollen” is all about.

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if you posted his E-mail, i could make his computer eat him (well eat all his mail and everything on his harddrive) imean people like this deserve to have people like me happen to them. By the way, i think your site is awsome, as i look for things like this, but am yet to have had the luck of finding a backtrack

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