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For Christmas this year, Anna-Maria bought me an iPod! It’s a 40 gig iPod Photo! Which is awesome for a number of reasons but mostly because it shows that she must really think I’m pretty great to be worthy of such a cool present.

So I’ve been learning all about iPods and here are a few of the things that I’ve learned:

iPod’s notes section is considerably lacking as it only allows short notes. There is a text to iPod note converter that takes long text and breaks them into smaller ones, meanwhile linking them altogether via hyperlinks.

Part of learning about iPod is also learning about iTunes. The auto-update feature asked if I wanted to upgrade to the newest version of iTunes. Luckily I did some research before I clicked. What I found out is that iTunes 4.7.1 scans the user’s music collection and any unlocked music it identifies as being purchased from iTunes, it puts a new fairplay DRM lock back on those tracks. I haven’t purchased any music from Apple (so far I’ve just been ripping my CD collection) but I’m planning on it and when I do, I don’t want to be restricted as to what I can do with music that I’ve legally purchased. I’m thinking twice about the new version — and maybe I’ll skip buying music online at all… for now.

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Hi! I found this blog from the link on "Stairway to Heaven Backwards." Honestly, I just went there for the Baby One More Time clip to see if it really did have a secret message. I've read alot of your posts and your life is really cool. From the numerous posts of swimming, I bet you're really good at it (you're real good with html to me) and plan to do it your whole life. I hope you're enjoying that ipod. As I'm only 13 I still have to wait for a while to drive and buy my own stuff. I guess you're probably in your 20s. Sorry if I'm typing too much. I guess it's because of all those term papers I need to type for school. I'll cut it there now. Hope you have a good day!

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