The Blind Fragging the Blind

Wired reports about a new wave of games that cater to the needs of blind gamers. Audio games are appearing in all genres, from multiplayer role-playing games to action-adventure titles, science fiction thrillers, racing games, and puzzle games.

The popular first-person-shooter Quake was even turned into a purely audio experience by All in Play, a company that produces games for both blind and sighted players.

“It was basically a technology prototype to show that even in more graphically inclined games, anything is possible,” said Jeremie Spitzer, co-founder of All in Play.

I had a friend growing up whose younger brother is blind. You wouldn’t have known it for how great he was at the Nintendo version of Street Fighter II though.

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The best way to beat the blind kid at Street Fighter was to reverse the stereo on the tv every few seconds. It would take him a while to figure out what happened, but then he would resume kicking your ace.

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