Adobe to acquire Macromedia in $3.4B deal

Adobe, the company most famous for its Photoshop application announced this morning it’s plan to buy multimedia software company Macromedia! This is really cool news for those of us in the New Media industry.

“By combining our powerful development, authoring and collaboration software – along with the complementary functionality of PDF and Flash – Adobe has the opportunity to bring this vision to life with an industry-defining technology platform.”

2 replies on “Adobe to acquire Macromedia in $3.4B deal”

I am still undecided regarding how cool this is. Once the dust settle, I would like to see what products are left. I certainly wouldn't want GoLive to eradicate Dreamweaver for example.

I'm actually leery of this as well. Frankly I love the Macromedia Suite, but I'm also quite fond of Photoshop. Personally I like Fireworks better than ImageReady, and though I've never tried GoLive I've heard it's not nearly as great as Dreamweaver. As you said, we'll just have to wait until the dust settles.

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