Malaysia – Day 5

My throat has really been killing me, especially during the night. This morning I tried looking at it in the mirror and couldn’t tell if there were the little white bumps indicative of strep throat, but decided I’d better go to the Dr. and find out for sure.

Well, as luck would have it I have a case of the common cold. I’m guessing it’s all the weird sleeping hours and strange diet that is throwing my system off so much.

Other than that, the hospital was actually quite nice. It was clean, fast, and inexpensive. Maybe private health care isn’t so bad after all…

I made a quick phone call to Anna-Maria and invited her to join me here in Malaysia. She insisted that it was out of the question, but at the same time I know she was tempted. I am tempted to buy it for her anyway but I guess she wants me to “try” to make sure we don’t get back together. It’s a weird situation—nevertheless I’m really sad at her decision not to come.

I caught the train and a cab to my work and got there (here) basically in time to go for lunch. Which is where I’m about to go now.

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