Malaysia – Day 12

Fun Times at The Loft

Today I was majorly stressed out thinking about “relationships”, and so I headed to work an hour earlier than usual. It was nice to just sit on the bus and think. It was also nice to beat the morning rush and get to work in less than half an hour. Luckily Jon was there to let me in early.

In the evening I went out for some fun on the town.

First we went to a nice open market style restaurant. The idea is you get to pick one or a few dishes from any vendor you want. They bring those dishes to your table and you get a variety of styles of food all at the same place. I had the shark fin soup.

Shark Fin Soup

I understand that the way it works is, there is one owner that sells drinks and all of the vendors rent their space from him.

Since the evening plans were somewhat impromptu I didn’t have a shirt with a collar and had to borrow from one of Jon’s friends because of the dress code. It worked out nicely and we had a good time at “The Loft”.

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