Malaysia – Day 35

Our Resort Was So Nice

This morning we drove to a nearby resort and checked in. After that it was a nice relaxing swim in the South China sea followed by lounging around pool-side eating ice-cream cones and another dip in the hotel pool. Not only was the weather great, but everything was great.

For supper we found a nice Malaysian style place and had (I’ll just describe it since I can’t remember what’s it’s called) egg covered fried rice with chicken, manta ray, and fish. I love the spices they use here and really loved the meal. The ray wasn’t nearly as scary as expected – in fact it wasn’t scary at all; it was extremely tasty.

What a great weekend!

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I've eaten manta ray before. I'm told that scallops are actually made of manta ray. You just take a cookie cutter and stamp holes out of the wings of a manta ray.

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