Malaysia – Day 38

Recording VO

Yesterday after work Jon took me to do some voice over work for the corporate video we shot last weekend. It ended up taking about 5 hours (including the time we spent eating dinner) but despite the fact that it took a long time I had a pretty good time doing it anyway.

We ended up having to redo the whole thing because of some background noise that was recorded. Afterwards I just crashed at Jon’s place because it was pretty late and he needed to get some work done at GXM. I’m amazed at how he is able to focus so much time and energy and so many long nights in order to make sure he gets everything done. I guess there’s a reason why GXM has such a good reputation.

In other news at GXM, I’m currently working on a flash based game that hopefully will be finished before my last day on Friday. Not much time so I’d better get back to it.

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