48 Days Later

Jeff at YYC

I’m home, but my bags aren’t. I guess even though they said they would be shipped all the way to Calgary I was still supposed to pick them up in Vancouver. I even specifically asked in Vancouver if my bags were taken care of; I was assured that they were.

I visited Anna-Maria while I was in Vancouver. I know I’ve had some hard feelings about the breakup and I may have implied in previous posts that her decision was impulsive but I still have to respect her decision and I know she’s a wonderful girl who will go far and be great at whatever she decides to do. All you single guys out there looking for a lovely and talented girl, if I were you I’d totally try for Anna. She’s totally marriageable material, if one could only convince her to settle down.

I loved spending the few hours with her and I loved hearing what she’s up to. I’d brag a little bit about her but she’s not crazy about me sharing too many details about her life so suffice it to say that she’s got a really cool acting job coming up in the next couple months. I’m so glad that our friendship is still quite stable despite everything.

The flight home was pretty uneventful. Air Canada was running late as per usual and of course, as I mentioned, my bags did not show up in Calgary. They tell me that they will send them to my house in Lethbridge tomorrow. In the meantime – I guess I have no clean clothes.

Wow, thinking back over the trip just blows my mind. I can’t believe it went so fast. The house has gotten a little dusty and the lawn looks like a Malaysian jungle, but other than that it’s so nice to be home.

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