CBC Podcast of Quirks and Quarks

I’ve been discovering the joys of podcasts lately; the new version of iTunes is really handy for getting new content. I should mention that even if you don’t have an MP3 player like an iPod, you can still listen on your computer.

There is one podcast in particular that I really love. It’s the CBC Radio’s program Quirks and Quarks. I highly recommend adding their feed. (

This week the topics ranged from Australian Spiders that eat each other during copulation to how biologists are creating real life chimeras, and as well the ethical and moral questions that come along with such endeavors. They also talked about Chickadee speech patterns and how radiation, something that is known to cause cancer, can be used to treat it. It’s really fascinating stuff.

I’d like to expand my podcasting palette, so if you’ve got a good podcast please leave a comment with the feed.

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