Happy First of July

Today is Canada Day! I had lunch with a huge extended family at my Aunt Lois’ house. We chatted, we ate, and we took some photos – it was a good time.

Afterwards, Corry, Aaron, and I went kayaking down the Belly River. I love the 1st of July.

I would have more kayaking photos, but as we were playing in the hole where Aaron usually takes his camera out I got flipped and although I was able to right myself, somehow the seal on my skirt came undone and my kayak filled up with water. I was up-side-down, completely submerged with a kayak that was completely full of water but I still flipped myself up and paddled to shore. It looked more like a submarine than a boat. Anyway I drifted pretty far downstream and didn’t feel like taking my kayak back up to the hole, hence no pictures.

Update: Oh, and I forgot to mention this at the time of posting. Happy Anniversary to my sister and her husband Glen!

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