Keys for Editing Paths in Photoshop CS2

Having been working with vector shapes a lot yesterday, I was getting pretty frustrated when trying to switch between tools quickly. Though it’s not in the menu commands or tool tips within Photoshop, I found this table of helpful hints in the help file. I realize that for most people it’s going to be pretty boring content, but for me, it’ll be a handy resource for vector art (and most likely easier to find than looking it up in the help file).

Result Windows Mac OS
Select multiple anchor points Direct selection tool + Shift-click Direct selection tool + Shift-click
Select entire path Direct selection tool + Alt-click Direct selection tool + Option-click
Duplicate a path Pen (any pen tool), Path Selection or Direct Selection tool + Control + Alt-drag Pen (any pen tool), Path Selection or Direct Selection tool+ Command + Option-drag
Switch from Path Selection, Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point, or Convert Point tools, to Direct Selection tool Control Command
Switch from Pen tool or Freeform Pen tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchor or direction point Alt Option
Close path with straight-line segment Magnetic Pen tool + Alt-double-click Magnetic Pen tool + Option-double-click

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