The Perfect Album

I came across a thread on Plastic today about the perfect album.

“[The perfect album is one] in which every track is great, each one worthy of being a hit. An album with not a single song I would skip past and nothing mediocre or even average.

Here’s my list of perfect albums (I included soundtracks because though they are not really albums, when I listen to them I don’t hit the skip button once):

  • Radiohead :: Ok Computer (such a great album, though I have to admit I have been known to skip ‘Fitter Happier’ on occasion)
  • Weezer :: Blue Album
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Soundtrack
  • Counting Crows :: August and Everything After
  • Smashing Pumpkins :: Siamese Dream
  • Garden State Soundtrack
  • Barenaked Ladies :: Maroon (I don’t know why I just love this album)
  • Led Zeppelin :: Led Zeppelin IV

Any others that you think I missed?

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w00t! Gorillaz ROCK! anyway, yeah, hey yaanu, listen to WHite lIght backwards, it sounds as though 2d is saying, "god help, god help with the war the war the war…"
i dunno, maybe im just dumb…

LuskFree Mars

Possibly the best thing to come out of the brains behind the bands Failure and the old bassist of Tool, but not what you'd expect from either.

Cold – 13 ways to bleed onstage
(give or take 'Send in the Clowns)
Misfits – Static Age is a good album.
Cure – Pornography
Joy Division – Closer
Beatles – Let it Be
V.A.S.T. – (self titled)
Smashing Pumpkins – Adore
Katatonia – Last Fair Deal…
R.E.M. – Automatic for the People >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thats all i have for now

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