Flickr Meme

I took advantage of the new flickr meme going around. It’s from the same folks that brought us the Flickr Badge Maker. It’s called the Flickr Magazine Cover Maker. It lets you convert photos from your flickr photostream into magazine covers. Granted this is one of the worst photos I have, but I decided to use it because it was one of my most recent shots. I also made a flickrbadge awhile ago:

I don’t really know why I bother, but it’s kind of a fun distraction. See all of Flagrant Disregard’s Flickr Toys.

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You know, you look exactly like your profile sounds like you should look! Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding your little person. and take some advice from someone who knows (wink,wink)…move to BC!! Alberta is at least better than Saskatchewan, but BC is better yet.

Slayers song 'hell awaits' has an intro that when played backwards says 'join us'….just thought that jeff milner could add this to his site

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