The Fringe

I’m back from my trip to Drayton Valley and Edmonton. I saw Jackie and Glen’s new house and played with my nephew Ryker. He’s so amazingly cute!

In Edmonton we went to the Fringe Festival to check out the street performers and had a great time. We wanted to see one of the plays but couldn’t get through dinner and get down there fast enough after we decided which play to see. The thing about the plays at The Fringe is, they are selected based on a lottery system, so just because a play is selected to be performed, doesn’t mean it will be good. But that’s part of the fun – finding a good play. Based on the reviews we thought we had a winner.

The only other Fringe Festival I’ve been to was in Adelaide, Australia, and I think the one in Edmonton is a little bit bigger and therefore a little bit better. We had a good time anyway.

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