3D Printing by Mail Order

Creating a design in 3D space and then having it printed in the material of your choice is something I’ve been hearing about for years; even the design class at my high school had a 3D lathe, but reading this Wired Article on 3D Printing, it seems they’ve taken things to a new level.

Oh and while I’m on the topic of Wired Articles, you should probably check out the expose on the clone capable claiming religious group the Raelians.

“Two amateur documentary makers say they’ve infiltrated the UFO cloning sect known as the Raelians and come away with candid videos they hope will further tarnish the group’s reputation and even help shut it down.”

I found it kind of funny (funny strange, not funny – haha) because the guy making the video said he became suspicious of the group after learning they ask their members for a whopping 1% of their annual income; nope his suspicions didn’t come from the sex parties or their claim of aliens cloning humans – but when he found out they want money?! Well it must be a cult based on the 1% donation request.

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