Piano Man Hoax

A few months ago I read a story about the discovery of a disoriented man whom the medical experts believed might be a concert pianist – very much like in the movie “Shine”. The stranger refused to utter a single word after being found in a soaking wet suit on a beach in Britain.

Well it turns out the “Piano Man” was putting the world on. He fooled the doctors and it turns out he can barely play a note.

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ur backmasking site is great, the other day i was listening to the song "god is in the radio" by queens of the stone age and i listened to it and heard wat sounded like a hidden message though i dont know what it said becaus i cant play it in reverse i was just thought u should check it out and if there was anything to it u could put it on ur site

I Read About The Piano man From A Magazine. It Said he Was Good At Drawing (He Drew A Piano), And he Was Found Soaking wet, With A Briefcase, I Think. I Don't Know About Him Bieng Able To Play The Piano Though.

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