MythBusters – Episode Summaries

A summary of all the myths busted and confirmed by the MythBusters.

Update: That link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Try this one:

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Way to go Jeff. Reading these summaries was way better than watching the episodes because it was so much cleaner and faster. One so called myth about quick-sand I'm going to continue believing for awhile. I can't let go of that one. I really wonder if they did their homework.

OK, now it's starting to sink in. I've heard that there's quicksand along the South Saskatchewan. Everybody knows this but nobody can pinpoint any of it. Nobody knows anyone that perished in the quicksand either. Not one of these supposedly dangerous sites has ever been posted either. I've always wondered why they wouldn't post warnings at dangerous quicksand sites. Now I know it's because those sites don't exist. I think plain ordinary sticky mud that is deep is the dangerous stuff and maybe this is what people think is quicksand.

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