Water Polo

I played water polo tonight at the university and did I ever totally kick ass! It was great, a real confidence booster since I’ve been feeling somewhat down lately. I just floated from team to team and played in all four matches tonight. I scored so many times tonight and by the end of the last match just to spread the love I would tell my teammates where to swim and setup the shot for them. The other team in that match wasn’t that great but still I was impressed with myself in that every time I told one of the guys or girls on my team where to go they scored… EVERY TIME! It was fantastic. I still had energy; I could have played another 1 or 2 games easy.

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hi, thanks for visitin' my blog. i've already removed the code. thanks for the advice anyway. i put the code to for the sake of some silly interface philosophy that i have. *lol* well, you're right anyway.


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