Photoshop Not Showing the Correct Colours on Screen

I thought I finally figured out what the problem was. For the longest time the colours (or colors if you prefer) on Photoshop were not being displayed properly. What I was getting was a red that looked more like orange. It was red again after I saved, which made things pretty tricky because you never really knew how things were going to turn out until you saved your image.

I should have known better because we even talked about the differences between Mac and PC colours in one of my New Media classes. I just couldn’t remember how to change them, and now that I have changed them I realize it’s still not perfect. As you can see below the color swatch below is still not showing a true red.

What I did to sort of fix the problem was go under the View menu to Proof Setup. Apparently I had set it to Macintosh RGB instead of Monitor RGB. Fixing that made quite a bit of difference, but even though the image itself is right, the color swatches are still not back to the way it should be.

I’m so happy to have it fixed as much as it is. I have tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop but it didn’t help. Hopefully someone will read this post and have another suggestion.

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