Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore in India

Apparently the remains of some giant creature have washed up in India following the tsunami last December, or is it a hoax? The verdict is still out on this one, but the story and video are compelling nonetheless. Maybe it’s a blue whale, maybe it’s a dinosaur or maybe it’s just an elaborate computer generated image. You be the judge.

(via Snopes)

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Hello for any who veiw this as i have and are in awe as i was here is after about 1 1/2 days of research and discussion the answer i came to find. I am a proffesional phycologist and was once sent to India for a patient. In that time i took a 24 day trip frim Mysor to a small island about 40 minuets away from the shore of chenai. While i was there the beach was awkwordly crowded and filled with tourists and natives alike. In the news cast video there were only a few people witch is strange as humans couriosity is a very strong emotion. Also in the video the reporters habbits of how she spoke and the camera angles were very "foreign" you could say as my brother is a news reporter for MSNBC and i have been interveiwd countless times on my theories. I also have found no hard evedince of this creature anywhere online or anywhere else. As i have a Major in prehistoric minerals and dating. I am almost positive that should this be a true dicovery some if not many of my collegues from college would have heard of this. None of them had. Now i dont want to bore whoever has actually read this far to much but should you wish for ferther details plz contact me at i have futher proof but dont wish to keep typing. ha ha ha

A phycologist is someone who studies algae. Was your patient a sick giant kelp?

Maybe you meant to say you are a professional psychologist, but if that were the case, I think you should learn how to spell the name of your profession – even if English is not your first language, (which I'll give you the benefit of the doubt about), I think it's indicative of someone not in a professional field whom hasn't even bothered to learn how to spell the name of their own occupation.

Thanks for your opinion, but I'm taking it with a large grain of salt.

This was not a sea creature. They have done DNA testing and determined that it was 100% match for a whale. When A whale dies and decomposes the blubber of its body can take an additional 30 years before decomposing. TV for the win, was a special on Sea Monsters.


Ok, Im impressed. It does look like this was in fact EDITED using cg there are some elements that are way too hard to fake, namely towards the end of the segment the mjation of the waves through whateveritis, that could be faked, but it wouldnt be easy. I also think that the reporter was blue/green screened in, just judging from the lack of the elements affecting her.

Still I am impressed. Also, I do admit that I am not in the area of specialty to make scientific calls on what it could be. Just making a observation here.

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