Is Evolution Evil?

I got into a conversation about evolution last night with an active member of the Mormon Church. I presented the concept that though other religions seem to think evolution is the tool of the devil, LDS folks shouldn’t think so. This afternoon I discovered a great article by Michael R. Ash, The Mormon Myth of Evil Evolution, which shows that the official Church position on evolution is neutral.

Even if you’re not from a Mormon background, you may find it interesting how a major world religion has avoided committing itself one way or the other to such an obviously important topic. Also I don’t think one has to be a Mormon in order to try and reconsile one’s beliefs with science; perhaps there is something every religious person could learn from the article.

If you liked Michael R. Ash’s article, you may also find of interest Duane E. Jeffery’s well-known and often cited Seers, Savants and Evolution: The Uncomfortable Interface.

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This position is probably the most evaded one of all the positions the Mormon Church has ever taken. For some reason, the idea that evolution is satanic and completely false continues to permeate Mormon classrooms everywhere I have attended.

Mormon cosmology alone is enough to make evolution of some kind conceivable. After all the Mormon universe is "necessary"…not "contingent" or dependent on a god or set of gods for its existence and any god must obey the laws of the universe.

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