Tips for Webmasters

I’ve been working at the university for a little under three weeks now. I like the work, I really like the fact that I’ve learned a lot about CSS programming and sometimes I find myself just cruising away at the code and then notice it’s lunch time or the end of the day. I hate pulling myself away when I’m in the middle of some great break-through.

Today for example I learned how to implement random image headers on the top of some of the pages I’ve been fixing up. The About Lethbridge page, for example, has both the new random image code and it also integrates an embedded google map that has the University marked in relation to the world. It’s pretty cool stuff – at least it gives me a feeling of accomplishment anyway.

I usually try to post links that I think the majority of my audience will appreciate and somehow I don’t think I have a lot of web programmers visiting my site but I guess you never know. Anyway I’ve found the following tips for webmasters from the W3C very interesting and helpful in my attempt to make better webpages.

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