Drayton Valley Bound For Remembrance Day Weekend

I’m heading off to Drayton Valley (a small town just west of Edmonton) to visit my sister and her family for the long weekend.

It’s Remembrance Day tomorrow so as a special treat here is a photo of my Grandpa Scoville’s war medals.


He served in the Canadian Navy during World War II primarily posted to convoy escorts and submarine hunting. He had plenty of war stories, but I was either too little or wasn’t around when they were being shared.

One particularly interesting story was when he snuck onto a German warship that was docked at a neutral port and stole the Captain’s alarm clock. He felt so guilty about what a stupid thing it was to do that (I think) he eventually gave the clock away just to keep from reminding himself about that adventure. Somebody on his ship stole it from him.

For those of you more interested in cartoon / viking / battle of the bands type war, check out Jason Forrest’s animated video for ‘War Photographer’.

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I had hot-linked it to an image that my parents uploaded to Blogger for their own blog, but since it wasn't working consistently on my site I just copied the same image onto Flickr.

I asked my dad what the medals were for and he said one was for volunteering, another was for an injury my Grandpa got by shrapnel, and another was for being in the war from start to finish. (I'm not sure what the forth one was for).

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