Foresters Securities Fiesta!

I went on a date.

My friend Steve is a financial advisor (at least I think that’s his title) for Foresters Securities (Canada) Inc. Anyway, on Wednesday night Steve organized a Foresters sponsored Salsa and Latin Dancing at Fiesta del Sur. I was just going to show up solo but I ran into a friend in the parking lot at the University and as luck would have it she agreed to go with me.

We had a very good time snacking on tortilla chips and learning to Salsa dance. Afterwards we hit up the Starbucks at Chapters for some pastry goodness.

I am not certain at this point, but things went nicely and I think there might be some potential thereā€¦ I’m just going to take it slow and see what happens.

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Hey, congrats on the date! Sounds like a good possibility.

Just wanted to let you know I put a link to your back-masking site on my blog today. It's very interesting.


Cool stuff. I actually know the couple that runs Fiesta del Sur. Their daughter and my daughter are in the same Primary class.

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