Binding Keys in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Screenshot

Here is a quick tip for binding keystrokes to access features that normally are not available in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. First off, access the console by hitting the ~ key. Then type /bind <keystroke> [command] where keystroke is the key on your keyboard or mouse that you want to use to activate the command.

The two commands that I learned recently are throwingknife and playdead. The throwingknife command lets you do just that, throw knives at enemy players while playdead lays your character down on the ground and takes a wounded position.

If you have a 5 button mouse you can even bind the throwingknife and playdead command to your back and forward buttons. For example: /bind mouse5 playdead would make you play dead and come back “alive” when you hit the back button.

I realize most of you probably don’t play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory but I get the occasional Googler coming here looking for tips, so I hope this helps. For a complete list of commands try typing cmdlist in the console and then use the “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys to scroll through the list.

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  1. Hay Jeff you know the know the new KoRn song twisted transisters? Play it backwords i here some sublimital things that i cant make out.

  2. Since you asked Jace (in another post by accident I assume) my Enemy Territory screen name is All Seeing Eye.

    Though now that I'm done my video game class I should really uninstall it because it's a big waste of time. I only reinstalled it because I needed to get some screen captures for a presentation, but I haven't erased it yet…

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