I’m Finished Classes

I finished my last class a couple weeks ago and today the marks are in. It feels so good to be finished school. Now I’m on the prowl for an internship—the only thing between me and my degree.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to work for a video game company in Vancouver, though, I’m also considering a couple of other opportunities here in Alberta, and in the States. Since I’ve been learning French (on my own) lately, I might also like to go to Montreal, but I don’t really have any specific leads there.

Working at the International Centre has awoken in me a strong desire to go out and see the world. I’ve begun to think about what I’d like to do after I’m truly done school. Of course plans might change depending on where I’m working and who I’m with, but I’m thinking for my next big trip I’d like to go all over Europe and perhaps make a stop in Iran. (Is it too taboo to say that?) I have an ex-roommate from there and I’d love to visit him.

I can’t say for sure when any of that would happen since I still have a long way to go paying off student debts, but it’s exciting to dream anyway.

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