Federal Election Debate at the U of L

The local Lethbridge MP candidates were at the University of Lethbridge this afternoon in a debate. I’ll probably end up voting for Melanee Thomas of the NDP party because I think she is most deserving of my vote. She’s very quick on her feet and I imagine she’ll continue to do well in the party.

Melanee Thomas NDP Candidate

Melanee Thomas gives her opening statement.

However, after hearing some of the Conservative party plans I have a renewed respect for Rick Casson and some of the things he said today have actually made me feel better about their imminent majority victory next week. He’s not going to get my vote but at the same time it’s not like he needs it, traditionally Southern Alberta always votes for the conservatives.

It’s the topics that didn’t come up that bother me, but for the first while as/if Conservatives follow through with their top five goals, I don’t think I’ll have much to complain about—all that money for beer and popcorn — oh wait I don’t have kids.

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