The Slanket

Yeah it’s pretty geeky, but nevertheless¬†The Slanket is so weird it’s interesting.

The Slanket

The Slanket is a HUGE 100% polyester polar fleece blanket with oversized sleeves. They are made and tested in Maine. The Slanket is approximately 60 inches wide by 102 inches in length, with 13 inch wide sleeves, that are so large and loose that you never feel constricted and you have total control in how you use them. The Slanket is great on a couch, a chair, in a hammock, on your bed or anywhere else you care to take it.

I love fleece as a material and as long as I could get over how silly I’d feel wearing this thing, I think it might be pretty comfortable. After all, I like to wrap up in a blanket when I’m on the computer or reading a book but I often find my upper body gets a little chilly.

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