Our Day in Sayulita

This morning we hooked up with a bus for a day trip to Sayulita. Sayulita is a great place to go for beginners to learn to surf because of the fairly low, consistent waves that move in over a large shallow bay.

This was my first time trying to surf and I certainly am not that great at it. I did alright getting through the waves. I was alright the few times I found myself in front of nice rolling wave , but I can see that it would take a lot of practise to get really good at it.

I think my biggest problem was knowing where to go to catch the good waves. I didn’t want to crowd the group of people that seemed to know what they were doing, but at the same time, there was a reason they were all grouped by the tall breaking waves.

Me and a surfboard

After a couple hours I had my fill of surfing and just spent some time laying under a canopy, and enjoyed some time walking up and down the beach.

When we caught our bus home, we had some excitement play out right before our eyes. While stopped at a traffic light, we noticed a rather fat and shirtless American chasing a smiling Mexican with the very clear intent to cause him bodily harm. The Mexican was wearing a green shirt and seemed to be laughing that this guy was so mad at him. (I have no idea what started everything off). There was another American guy that jumped out of a Volkswagen beetle who swung and missed the guy in the green. Suddenly a second Mexican jumped on the second American, pinning him to the ground and feeding him punches. The fight was really on.

Some other Mexicans jumped in from off the street to try and break things up but that only lasted for a moment. The original Mexican in the green shirt was still laughing and running backwards away from the fat American, whom was swinging wildly and tripping himself as he pursued.

It looked like things might be simmered down when the Americans were just walking slowly toward the guy in the green and the other Mexican´s from the street were trying to calm them down. The American pretended to swing at the guy in green but then instead smoked the guy that was trying to calm him down, right in the mouth.

That guy took off back into a nearby shop to get his bearings, but then started back out after the American’s, this time with a collection of friends who didn’t seem as interested in just breaking up the fight.

The two Americans realized that right about that moment was a very good time to turn their tails and run.

We didn’t see much else. The bus kept going but pretty soon we saw a police truck race along past us with its lights flashing. In the back sat a police officer and the Mexican wearing the green shirt. He didn’t seem to be smiling so brightly anymore.

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