Google Trends

Steve Rubel’s post, 25 Things I Learned on Google Trends is a fun look into world search trends using the new Google Trends.

What I enjoy is not only what search trends are developing, but how one search item compares with another. Seeing where the less politically correct searches are popular is also extremely interesting.

Sex is obviously a lot more popular than drugs for searches, but it’s mentioned just about as often in the media—rock and roll almost doesn’t even register. Cairo, Egypt gets the award for searching for “sex” most often with most of those searches being done in Arabic. Prostitution, however, is most searched for in Montreal.

Backmasking is most searched for in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like it had a spike in January when the Wall Street Journal did that story about it, and again lots of other spikes as other big organizations and networks picked up the story.

Pepsi appears more popular than either term—Coke or Coca-cola, and Yahoo is still more popular than Google but they’re closing the gap.

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