Blogger SAT Thing

I didn’t even remember to spell-check it, but a few minutes ago I entered the Blogger SAT challenge.

We’re especially interested in finding out if bloggers, because of their regular practice in short-form writing, might be able to perform well on the test. On the blogger’s side, they’re used to cranking out pointless rants on a moment’s notice. But highschoolers are well-practiced at responding to their teachers’ inane writing prompts. Bloggers get to choose their topics, so blogging may not transfer well to the SAT’s writing prompt. Who can perform better on the SAT test? There’s only one way to find out.

So, without further ado, we present the Blogger SAT Challenge. We’ve prepared a (relatively) controlled environment where our victims┬ávolunteers can respond to a sample SAT question.

I just want to mention that 21 minutes goes REALLY fast when the pressure is on.

Depending on my “grade”, I’ll decide in the future whether this particular essay ever sees the light of day.

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