The Rebate King

Confessions of a Mail-In Rebate Junkie is a collection of tips and tricks for making sure you collect on mail-in rebates. I liked reading about some of his more difficult rebate collections.

…[T]here is a high degree of universal frustration with the mail-in rebate process.
But that’s exactly what makes the mail-in rebate process so rewarding and exciting! The harder it is, the more discouraging it is for most people, and therefore fewer people wind up filing for or getting the rebates. And if fewer people get them, that means that the companies can afford to be more generous in the rebates that they offer—a bonanza for the true mail-in rebate warriors such as ourselves. So after years of climbing the rebate learning curve, I’ve decided to share my experiences, so that all of my fellow rebate junkies can benefit.

(Thanks Jackie)