Is Becoming a Teacher the Best Plan?

After another meeting about the possibility of becoming a teacher, I’m even more conflicted about what I’m eventually going to do. The meeting went well, possibly as well as it could have, but some concerns still need to be addressed.

I realize the actual day to day of teaching in a public school may not be as fun as teaching New Media summer camps over at the University—with many students suffering teenage angst and apathy for learning in general. That isn’t what’s bothering me.

The real conflict comes from the fact that I’ll still have to take two art classes before I can even apply to the Faculty of Education, and another five after that before I can start the year and a half of practical studies requirements. So the best case scenario would mean I wouldn’t start PS1 until Fall 2009, PS2 Spring 2010, and PS3 Fall 2010—I could be a fully paid teacher by January 2011. I’ll be almost 32.

Perhaps when it comes to furthering my education, I should think about a higher level degree, as opposed to moving laterally. Do I really want another Bachelors degree? Perhaps I should be thinking about a Masters.

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