Canada’s (New) New Government

The Liberals and New Democrats signed an agreement Monday to form a coalition government, ousting Prime Minister Stephen Harper from power. If they are successful in forming their coalition, they have a pledge of support from the Bloc Québécois for the next 18 months.

A friend of mine wrote his entire contact list with this plea:

Putting Partisan politics aside for a moment. This coalition is not what we voted for 6 weeks ago. Please consider for a minute and think if you could be happy with a coalition that has to be supported by the Separatists Bloc Quebecois in order to survive. What is their price? I think that it could end up costing us our great nation. That is too high of a price. Even if you hate the Conservatives sign this petition and then go down to in your various locations on Saturday. We need to put partisan politics aside for the sake of our country. This is one of the most dangerous times since the 1995 referendum in my opinion.

A few points I’d like to make. First, when was the last time you heard the Bloc talk about separating? They are a mainstream party now, no longer focused on separating, but as being a uniquely Québécois party.

Honestly, I’m not sure a coalition government really is THAT bad. It worked here in Canada during the hard times of World War I and it will work during the hard times today.

Don’t fall for Harper’s fear mongering. The world isn’t going to end with Dion leading the way. And come May we’ll likely have Ignatieff leading the party, someone whom I’m much more comfortable with as a leader—mostly because Dion stumbles on his English, but the same can be said of Harper’s French.

I’m mad at the conservatives because they refused to tell the people their plans until a week before the election. Silly voters that don’t pay much attention to politics didn’t punish the conservatives sneaky methods instead they just voted for the status quo.

But pulling funding from the other parties is truly a sneaky, unjust, power hungry move that needs to be punished; you can bet Conservatives would be outraged if the shoe were on the other foot.

Harper’s made his bed, now he’s going to have to sleep in it. I don’t think we’re in danger at all, in fact I think Canadians should be excited at the prospect of getting leadership by a majority of MPs. They may not be from the same party, but they are MPs that a MAJORITY voted for.

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