The Hot Tub Time Machine Party

We had a fun party at the Manor on the weekend. (Here are the flickr photos, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13). I brought my new friend, Kim, along to meet all the gang. She got rather drunk — I was even trying to follow a friend’s advice (ie. that couples should try and stay at the same level of inebriation) but alas, she did a shot or two that I didn’t get in on and next thing I knew she had lost her impulse control and began a journey to flirt with anyone that would respond. I took it in stride — I’m actually not that worried about it — it’s already a complicated situation, but it was embarrassing because it was in front of, and sometimes with, my friends. Shannon upon leaving the house happened to find me putting on my shoes (we are shoes off in houses in Canada) and told me in no uncertain terms, “Dump that woman!”. Yup.

Still I had a great time, despite the embarrassment, and aside from getting my sleep schedule back on time things are great. I didn’t even have much of a hangover — either I’ve learned how to handle my liquor or maybe it was not having those two shots on the booze luge that saved me.

Yesterday I slept in and though I’m trying to get back to my routine, I’m still tempted to take little cat naps throughout the day. I played around on the google reader for most of the morning, then in the afternoon I watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock. I made myself a pizza for lunch and then later watched the hockey game with Eric. He shared an amazing pasta dish with me that he brought home from the restaurant. I really like that. He asked (as he often does) if I wanted to go out back and ‘smoke’, but as usual I turned him down. Montreal won the hockey game and tied the series 3 to 3.

After the game I headed over to the University for a swim and it was quite refreshing. I finished my main workout in 17 minutes which is actually 20 seconds slow for my usual target time 16:40 (50m every 50 seconds). It’s still not a bad pace time at all. I stuck around a bit longer doing a few more laps, helped pull ropes for the lifeguard on duty. She’s a cute little blond girl but I would have offered to help any of the lifeguards, since it’s much easier to swim ropes across than it is to take all the trouble of walking each one around individually and I was just there swimming anyway so what did I care?

I steamed it up afterward; I really love the steam room and then on my way out I chatted up some girl that I recognized from water polo. It didn’t take long for my Mormon radar, my Mordar, (if you will) to go off. I told her that I grew up Mormon but that I know longer am and she asked what they all ask, why did you stop? So I gave her my typical and very brief answer that I could no longer suspend my disbelief. She asked what I believe now and I told her science. She laughed and said something like, well that’s not a bad thing to believe in.

I jumped into my jeep and discovered the engine light is on. A quick browse in the owner’s manual let me know that it’s ok to drive but that I should take it in to get checked out. I’m guessing this is related to the issue it was having the other night where the engine didn’t quite sound right.

And that brings me up to now. I can’t say I’m keen on not seeing Kim anymore so I’m not really looking for confirmation that that is what I should do but I really like her and she’s moving away for the summer in about 10 days, so I’m just going to hang with her until she leaves.

As for today, I took the bus over to the university to work out what I need to do to apply to the Education Faculty and to go for another swim. A couple of my female friends complimented me on my “rock hard stomach” at the party (and one of them told me that all the ladies were admiring me) so those compliments have given me an extra boost to want to work out even more. Ah, it’s nice to be in my prime. Life is great.

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