California 2014 – Day 7

After our, now ritual, morning hot-tub planning session it became clear that today would be a leisurely wind down day filled with lounging, shopping, and restaurant hopping. Not to say that we weren’t going to bike around town and get out in the sun, but everyday just seems to be the perfect fit between relaxing and getting out and being active. Everyone should have at least one vacation in their life like this one.

As we approached the street market, I first noticed the parking lot it was sitting on was covered by huge blankets of solar panels. I’m not sure where the power generated goes, but as anyone that has ever parked their car in the scorching California sun knows, there is a lot of potential solar energy to be captured in parking lots.

Solar Panelled Street Market
Solar Panelled Street Market

After browsing, but not really buying much, the rest of the day really was spent just hopping in and out of nice restaurants trying to determine who has the best nachos and/or Martinis in Palm Springs. It turns out, they all do!


We didn’t see any celebrities tonight, but I did see some artwork by Sorel Etrog which reminded me of the famous sculpture he did which is now at the University of Lethbridge.

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