Green Shirt Day

I wore green yesterday to honour the Logan Boulet Effect and to support donor awareness.

From the CBC:

Inspired by coach and mentor Ric Suggitt, Logan signed an organ donor card on his birthday, just weeks before his death. He also made his wishes known to his family.

Logan survived long enough for his organs and corneas to be gathered before he was taken off life support.

“Logan was able to make six people’s lives better,” Toby says. “He basically saved six lives.”

That decision has since inspired an estimated 300,000 Canadians to sign their donor cards in what has become to be known online as the #LoganBouletEffect.

Green Shirt Day on April 7 was created to honour, remember, and recognize the victims and families of that fatal crash and to continue Logan’s legacy by raising awareness for organ donation.

I’m a registered donor — have you thought about signing up?