Shooting near the Bowen Ranch

I’ve been following this story of alleged attempted murder in southern California as it has been unfolding over the last couple weeks. From what I understand, the Bowen Ranch used to have a campground for folks making day trips to the nearby Deep Creek Hot Springs. A couple years ago the ranch shut down their campground and a new campground opened up nearby. A fellow named Mike Castro lives on the Bowen Ranch and Brent Gaddes is one of the people that helps runs the new campground. Apparently there have been ongoing issues between the two.

I’ve written about our trip to the Deep Creek Hot Springs but our adventures have never taken us to the Bowen Ranch or the new campground. There have been plenty of posts by “Jobe” complaining about Mike being an unhinged maniac but having no idea who these people are, enjoy the story and take everything here with a grain of salt.

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From Jobe’s thread on the Deep Creek forum:

Saturday I went to the springs. Upon arriving at the new D.C. hot springs campground I learned that Brent Gaddes, one of the owners of the campground had been shot the previous evening. By Mike Castro, the owner of the Bowen ranch next door. I got 2 very different stories from 2 different people. The police are investigating. Brent was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The bullet only glanced his back, bouncing from one side of his back over his spinal column and into the other side of his back. Very fortunate for Brent. He is only able to lay on his stomach in pain. The altercation started by Mike accuseing Brent of stealing his sign. Which is most likely untrue. And even so is no reason to shot an unarmed neighbor. If anyone here has more information about this situation please post that here. Mike was not arrested. Which to me seems to threaten the safety of the area. It is my hope that Brent gets justice for this near death situation. I will update here as more information becomes available.

A few more posts arrived over the last couple weeks including an update that there is now a restraining order on Mike Castro, but this one purportedly from the gunshot victim posted today is the most interesting so far:

I am doing much better after Mike Castro shot me in the back .I can only hope that the DA will come to a final conclusion .That our dear Mike Castro is not the man he claims to be .For example after he shot me in the Back ,and as I fell face down to the ground .I could not help but notice him getting then out of his white escalade. Casually walking around it with his hand gun still in his hand. He then stood over me ,placing the hot barral of hid hand gun to the side of my head execution style . Suddenly I felt in my heart he had done this many times before do to his thoughtless deminior.Mike Castro was standing above my body.All the while a flood of images, and memory’s of those before me that had been killed more or less the same way by this man .This all in that moment filled my mind .I could not lay silent .I cried out for George! ‘Call the Sheriff call 911! i felt Castro jerk the hand gun still hot pistol barrel from my head I could see he was startled .with one eye open facing up at him.He seemed to be in a panic as if he thought someone was their just around the Juniper bush with me .Though I was alone he then ran to his car stating I am going to call long before you ever will .He HAD CALL 911 before when he shot at all of us in our front yard .I know now what happed to those missing people and all local murdered people.It was a Jeffery Dahmer psychopath type individual that I was defiantly confronted and assaulted by that Morning.It was not Jeffery that morning because I did not get killed and eaten ,Instead it was a similar psychopath type named Mike Luca Castro for which I am thankful to have yelled out before he could finish me off .So I am to my knowledge the only victim that has survived his obvious versed Murders and my own attempt murder.By this public mineus that is Mikle Luca Castro. I am sharing facts not fiction with all of you .Because I felt a deep understanding of all those that had been murdered, Because they did not have the opportunity as I was so given to survive..All those that had been mysteriously Murdered ,and all those missing.that had pasted though his gate.Should soon find peace ,rest ,and finale closer for them selfs and those left behind the families,and the loved ones .Knowing the truth about this Mr Mike Luca Castro.It is now clear, and evident he would had been better off arrested that morning ,then still free with everyone questioning and pondering why ? This has been going on now for decades.Enough is enough! Mr Mike Luca Castro. This is only my opinion .Mr Mike Luca Castro has got to be one of America’s most infamous killers of our time.I should know I survived his murderous attack! How much longer is this local coverup going play on? B G.

It’s a fascinating story. I wish I could find some news articles substantiating it, because without any verification it makes me wonder if it’s just Internet forum fiction.