Lucky Chocolate

After picking up the kids from school on our bikes today, we stopped by the dollar store for some “mint breaths”1. It’s still surprises me how much of an adventure going to the dollar store is for our four and five-year-old.

Anyway, I stopped by the bakery and picked up some hamburger buns for supper and as I headed home I found a full sized chocolate bar lying on the sidewalk! I thought twice about it but a full sized unopened chocolate bar… who would resist?

I hadn’t actually ever heard of an Island Bar before, but it was basically just like a Mounds bar, shredded coconut covered in chocolate and divided into three pieces.

Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a big hit with everyone. Andrea just didn’t want me to go into specifics with the kids how I found it on the street.

  1. “Mint breaths“ are what our kids used to call Ice Breakers Mints — and the name stuck[]