Found box of vintage film from 1958

The other day linked to someone who found several boxes of negatives at an estate sale. I found the scan #14 particularly interesting because it looks exactly like my Grandpa Scoville. (It isn’t him).

Link to Vintage Photo.

Update: Link rot. Here’s a link to Flickr’s blog about the photos instead.

And here is a photo of my Grandpa:

(via Waxy)

family Photography

Family Photos

Last weekend Anna-Maria and I went to Medicine Hat to have our pictures taken with my family. After we spent some time at Gainsboro we decided to take some of our own shots at Strathcona park. Here is a one that my brother Gary got of Anna and me. (We all wore matching outfits).

Jeff Milner and Anna-Maria

More pictures at The Milner Blog.

Update: I guess he took the photos down because now that he isn’t in Canada he’s not getting internet / free hosting at Telus. Try browsing some Flickr photos of the same day, instead.