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Vista Fonts

The new fonts included with Windows Vista are called Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel, and even though you don’t have Vista you know you want them.

These are the new and improved fully finished versions. Update (March 31, 2008) If you want an official source for the fonts install PowerPoint Viewer 2007. The fonts will be automatically added to your Windows system. (Disclaimer: Read the legal fine print on Microsoft’s site for usage rights.)

Calibri.jpg font sample
Wikipedia entry on Calibri.

Cambria font sample
Wikipedia entry on Cambria.

Candara font sample
Wikipedia entry on Candara.

Consolas font sample
Wikipedia entry on Consolas.

Constantia font sample
Wikipedia entry on Constantia.

Corbel font sample
Wikipedia entry on Corbel.

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21 replies on “Vista Fonts”

I love the new fonts and use them when I can. In fact, I switch Firefox to display Calibri as my default font on my home computer, and switched the settings so my default font overrides those set by site stylesheets.

Jeff, you are the man. Now I can at least see what Vista users will be seeing on my site. I noticed something interesting, though. On a Mac, these fonts all look small. Then I realized that if my ppi was 96 instead of 72, they looked about right. So maybe MS is also trying to make sites read at the same size across platforms? Good for them, if so…


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