Malaysia – Day 29

Today at work I helped flesh out the basic script for a corporate video scheduled for shooting in the next couple weeks. I really enjoy working at GXM and am lucky to be able to work here.

I went for a little treat in the Sunway mall yesterday. I was thinking about taking in a movie but instead enjoyed a Maple Walnut and Raspberry Vanilla Sundae at Baskin-Robins instead. Definitely an expensive treat (especially by Malaysian standards) but oh man was it ever delicious.

I almost stepped on a rat on the way home. It startled me, but I’m pretty sure the rat was more scared than I was. He did an instant 180 and slipped back under the fence from whence he came.

Time is going by very quickly now. I’ll be home in 18 more days, I’m both excited and saddened by this fact; I love Malaysia.


Malaysia – Day 25

I’ve been working on a few different projects here at GXM. Today they had me record my voice for a small Channel V identification ad they are putting together. I don’t know if they will use my voice, but if they do – that’ll be kind of cool.

This evening I just took it easy and had a good old western style meal. It was a chicken sandwich and fries from Nando’s. It was a great meal.

The thing that I find most different about the Western meals here vs. what I’m used to back home is that here they kind of skimp on the fries. I ordered a second Chicken burger (I probably wouldn’t back home but I figure I need to eat as much as I can while the food is so inexpensive) and to my surprise the second plate had even less fries than the first. Also they were slightly undercooked.

Even at McDonald’s, famous world-wide for its french fries, they seem to skimp on the deep fried side order. I have begun upsizing my orders and still only get about the same amount of fries that I would if I ordered a regular sized fries back home.

I guess it’s obvious but the fact that back in North America they serve more fries on the side must be one of the reasons why there are so many overweight people there.

Not exactly an earth-shattering observation, but anyway that was my day.


Malaysia – Day 16

Today I had a good long chat with Anna-Maria. That was nice, but it put me a little behind schedule. (My own fault).

On the way to work I was approached by a woman who wanted to know where I was from. This was the second time in two days that someone approached me and I didn’t have a good feeling about. Not that I was afraid of her, but just that I felt she wanted something from me. Not to mention the fact that I was going to be late for work. She couldn’t seem to read that I was in a hurry and close by her was a man who also tried to stop me to ask for the time. They seemed to be working together. I didn’t have time for them whether or not they were just being friendly. I gave him the time and kept walking. I am suspicious that the guy was the same guy I ran into yesterday but I never got a good enough look at him. All I can say is that it was weird, and not weird like hey some stranger on the bus wants to chat you up because you look like a foreigner, but weird like, spidey senses on alert — these people are up to no good.

Anyway weird people on the street aside, I had a great evening. At the end of the day Jon took me to Channel V, Malaysia’s version of Much Music or MTV, to get the specifications for a new project GXM Studio is doing for them. I got to meet Jeff Selamutu, director of programming and production at Channel V, and take notes at the meeting.

Later we went for dinner and had a great time talking about everything from how Jeff got into the business to how new artists enter the music industry, to what direction music television is going. I liked Jeff because he’s a really fun guy that likes to call it like he sees it. He reminded me a lot of the directors and producers that I met recently in Vancouver. They have a kind of fun yet ambitious personality that I find magnetic. He told me to keep in contact and that if I have time during the week he’ll show me around the studio.


Malaysia – Day 6

Sunway Mall

The photo here is of the entrance to the Sunway Pyramid. I didn’t get a photo of the actual pyramid because I was worried I would miss my bus.

After work I went to dinner at this Chinese food place. We had a good time just chatting and it felt good to get some food. I skipped lunch because I felt bad about missing the morning to go to the doctor — I realize that this is counter-productive but it’s too late now to go back and change it so please commenting about this is not necessary. Afterwards on the drive home, because I was coming from a different route, I had a chance to check out KL’s Times Square from the road. Just like the Times Square in New York, there is a lot of advertising here.

Today I had breakfast with a couple of the interns before we came inside to present our work. We have been coming up with a story line for a 3D animated cartoon. Now I need to rework my storyboard using the ideas from today to present again next Saturday.

Our Workforce

For lunch Jon took us over to the Sunway Tower Hotel for a buffet. Although much of the food was greasy I have to say I’m still impressed with how tasty everything is. Wow, what great food; it was also great to get so full.