Malaysia – Day 29

Today at work I helped flesh out the basic script for a corporate video scheduled for shooting in the next couple weeks. I really enjoy working at GXM and am lucky to be able to work here.

I went for a little treat in the Sunway mall yesterday. I was thinking about taking in a movie but instead enjoyed a Maple Walnut and Raspberry Vanilla Sundae at Baskin-Robins instead. Definitely an expensive treat (especially by Malaysian standards) but oh man was it ever delicious.

I almost stepped on a rat on the way home. It startled me, but I’m pretty sure the rat was more scared than I was. He did an instant 180 and slipped back under the fence from whence he came.

Time is going by very quickly now. I’ll be home in 18 more days, I’m both excited and saddened by this fact; I love Malaysia.

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