Lethbridge police officers temporarily demoted in connection with surveillance of NDP cabinet minister

CHAT News Today

Sgt. Jason Carrier and Const. Keon Woronuk of the Lethbridge Police Service have been temporarily demoted after unauthorized surveillance of Lethbridge West MLA Shannon Phillips and stakeholders in the protections of the Castle region in southwest region.

Carrier was on-duty but on a meal break with two other officers when Phillips entered the Chef Stella Diner to meet informally with stakeholders on the Castle region changes during the morning of April 17, 2017.

Carrier texted Woronuk — who was acting sergeant on duty at the time — with a picture of the meeting and location. Woronuk attended the diner shortly thereafter.

In a conversation between the two uniformed officers as they left the diner after taking photos of the meeting, Woronuk said to Carrier that he, “would hate to see Phillips drive away from the restaurant and there was a reason to stop her,” according to the penalty decision.

In addition to taking photos, Woronuk was involved in setting up surveillance and subsequently following one of the stakeholders while running a police information check on them.

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