Malaysia – Day 11


This morning I took some random photos down in Chinatown on my way to the bus. There are a lot of people riding motorbikes or what in Canada would be called scooters. They are everywhere. Most people seem to agree that they are extremely dangerous, nevertheless you see so many weaving in and out of traffic. A friend of mine warned me when crossing the street that the cars may stop but the bikes probably won’t.

In the evening I mostly hung out with the other students from Canada. I went down to the market for awhile but they were pretty much closing everything by the time I got down there. That’s another thing that seems weird. Even though they call it the night market, everything closes at 11:00pm. We met this Kiwi there who told us that earlier he had seen some police walking down the streets and all the CD and DVD vendors throwing everything into a box and getting out of there. We couldn’t really understand why they would be worried about the police since the pirating is everywhere but apparently it has more to do with where they are selling than what they are selling. I guess if you’re in a booth on sidewalk or in a permanent store you’re ok but selling pirated movies on a card table in the middle of the street is not allowed.