Prescription Drug Costs and other Linkity Goodness

From the best of my feeds: Malcolm Gladwell calls the New York Times on their misleading story about the costs of prescription drugs. Jason Kottke explains how brands that are so recognized actually run the risk of losing their trademarks due to people’s everyday usage of the words (did you know Escalator was a brand?) Brad Bird’s […]

Disney-Pixar Merger Op-Ed Piece in the New York Times

I came across this great editorial in the New York Times about the Disney-Pixar deal. One thing I’ve learned recently about the deal is that the company is purging itself of most of the middle management that isn’t directly involved in creating the artwork. What they are doing is recreating the old Disney studio from […]

"Vice presidents from Disney don’t contact just any old Joe Schmoe off the street."

After reading this (Updated link:) wdwmagic forum article about a scuba-diving dentist that claims Disney and Pixar Animation Studios stole the idea for the hit film “Finding Nemo” from him, I think he may have a case. He claims he submitted an illustrated manuscript to Disney and talked on the phone about his story […]

A New Direction for Disney

In the realm of feature animation, the hand-drawn no longer rocks the cradle. Thanks to the consistent success of Pixar’s five computer-rendered theatrical releases, coupled with Disney’s recent failure to produce popular hand-drawn films, it’s easy to see why folks are favoring bytes and pixels over ink and paint. Slashdot is offering up a great […]