Jeff Milner Movie Review – Punch Drunk Love

Anna-Maria and I went to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie “Punch Drunk Love” last weekend. It is probably one of the most tense movies I care to remember seeing. Anna and I had white knuckles as we watched Adam Sandler perform as a socially backward individual just trying to fit in. While I really enjoyed this film, I don’t think it’s one for Mom and Dad. I don’t think you guys would like it — it’s not your typical Adam Sandler. Come to think of it, who knows because it seems to me that your tastes have often surprised me and maybe this is exactly your type of movie. Anyway it’s a little slow at first, but it does pick up and the story wraps itself up just about as perfectly as possible. I would highly recommend this movie to Gary because I know you like to see all the big movies anyway and I suspect this is one that you will like.