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Cross Country Skiing the Goat Creek Trail

Over the weekend I had my first cross country skiing experience. Some friends and I took the Goat Creek Trail 19km from Canmore to Banff, and followed it up with a nice hot dip at the Banff Hot Springs.

Here’s a clip of my friend Duane zipping past the camera.

[Goat Trail – Flickr]

Footage by my friend Andy Davies.


Fred Syversen’s 107 Meter Cliff Drop

Fred Syversen skiied off a 107 Meter cliff and set the world record—by accident. He lives to tell about it in this amazing YouTube video.

See also Fred Syversen’s full story.



Skiing in the Middle of Nowhere

Created in the summer of 1996, I just discovered, “Skiing in the Middle of Nowhere” on an old hard drive.